I’m collecting blogs, websites and newsletters and will be putting up a links page on the blog RSAFellows.org So here are the fruits of my labours so far out of the 365 introductions. If you would like to be added please let me know.

Philip Finlay Bryan @pjfb http://RSAFellows.org A blog for Fellows

Robert Cottrell, @robert The Browser which recommends five or six outstanding articles each day to a worldwide audience of paying subscribers

Edwin Lampert @BrunBearFoundation childrens books and the founder of a charity called The Brun Bear Foundation: www.brunbearfoundation.uk

Drew Davis @drewdavies http://www.thenewethical.co.uk/

Judy Rees @judyrees blog and newsletter : Topics around Clean Language, metaphor, Agile, virtual teams and self-organisation. http://judyrees.co.uk

Blair Glencorse @blairglencorse the Accountability Lab http://www.accountabilitylab.org- working with young people to make power-holders more responsible and accountable (mostly in West Africa and South Asia)

Matt from Sydney here working with a global network of interesting people called https://www.six-ideas.com/

Vannessa Cuthbert @Vanessa http://vanessacuthbert.co.uk

Lindsey @lindsey, building design/environmental performance consultancy called http://XCO2.com

Mick Bailey @MickBaileyRSA a Director of a social enterprise http://www.reread.org.uk

David Crausby @DavidCrausby . Photography http://davidcrausby.weebly.com/

James Taylor @jamestaylor . keynote speaker, author, coach and consultant on creativity and innovation.
Blog: https://www.jamestaylor.me Podcast: http://jamestaylor.me/itunes

Peter Ashby @elder1 http://www.openclinical.net

Alice Thwaite @alice the EchoChamber.Club – a weekly newsletter that curates articles for ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ to read outside of their echo chamber.

Mark M Whelan @markmwhelan train and coach Silicon Valley start-ups and tech companies to resolve their innovation blockages/bottlenecks through a blended approach of design thinking and data science.
also : https://contemporaryandmodernart.blogspot.ie/

Nadia Laabs @nadia.laabs social impact consultancy called http://TheImpactCollective.co

Daniel B O’Leary @DanielMTL – RSA Catalyst-funded project at http://gensolaria.com – research Environment & Behaviour independently at http://progresstrap.org.

Anni Rowland-Cambell @Intersticia http://braveconversations.org

Simon Ricketts @simonricketts Blogging in planning law issues at https://simonicity.wordpress.com

Mark Aaron Seaman @Mark http://markaaron.co.uk

Dave Straker, @dmstraker ChangingMinds.org website

Alison Kidd @ecofunky research behavioural psychology http://TheProspectory.com and an artist group https://larksandravens.com/

David Wilcox @davidwilcox blog at http://www.mediablends.com about Living Well in the Digital Age
http://www.connectinglondoners.blog about Networked City http://socialreporter.com about other stuff
A wiki with history of past RSA online initiatives http://openrsa.org

Karen Scott @Karen_Scott Hi, to nurture coding talent in young people through work experience. http://www.futurecoders.org.uk.

Irene Mosota @Mosotair Mosotair a social enterprise http://www.imperfectfoods.co.uk

Andrew Mayer @DrAndyMayers perinatal mental health http://www.andrewmayers.info follow on Twitter @DrAndyMayers.

Pat Armstrong @pat http://www.acosvo.org.uk

Mark Hadley @MarkHadley Schools Entrepreneurship project in the SE, Tech Resort CIC http://www.techresorteb.com , helping kids learn to code

Philip Finlay Bryan @pjfb Teaching how to blog on WordPress http://oldercitizens.org & http://pjfb.org

Abena Muon @muonabena http://www.muonevents.com/ggp1


Ian Lewis @ianlewis : https://storymachine.co.uk An occasional blog on aspects of writing.

Mark Eltringham @Mark_Eltringham http://workplaceinsight.net/ looking at issues surrounding the changing world of work, especially with regard to buildings, human resources and technology?

Torben Steeg @tseeg matters related to Design & Technology Education (there are also related resources) at D&T for D&T http://dandtfordandt.wordpress.com & The Disruptive Technologies and D&T Newsletter 3-4 times a month (during term time) as a resource for teachers.
http://us15.campaign-archive2.com/home/?u=a3a88322666ac41299f15479c&id=7935cd2663 and http://steeg.co.uk/ which is more focused on local (Manchester) issues related to education and the maker movement.

Damola Morenikeji @damolamore Blog: https://damolamorenikeji.com Excellence in leadership, innovation and growth

Warren Te Brugge @warrenTB http://www.MyArmsWideOpen.org and http://www.Manzimvula.com

Libby Davy @libbydavy Coach , Facilitator & Mentor http://www.humanbells.com working with a group of inspiring Brighton-based Fellows and friends to put together a series of events around the themes of radical compassion, hope in action resilience – Co-founder, Message Eggs #SocEnt http://www.message-eggs.com >> Finding the Words project for end of life (pitched last night to RSA Ideas)

Karen Scott @Karen_Scott http://www.futurecoders.org.uk/ We take on very low cost projects and involve students who take on the responsibility for particular bits of functionality within that project, according to their abilities and capacity to learn.

Akaash Maharaj @Akaash diplomacy, international affairs, and public policy at https://www.maharaj.org/blog.shtml

Stephen Murgatroyd @Stephen_Murgatroyd – writer, consultant, business owner and imagineer. My detailed bio is at http://www.stephenmurgatroyd.com

Janette @JanetteKerr a collaborative project I’m running in Shetland with film and sound artist Jo Millett – lots of public engagement, history and contemporary art practice https://janetteandjo.blogspot.ie/

Stephen Kamugasa @Stephen-Paul ‘The Kamugasa Challenge’ – have over twenty nine years’ experience as a communicator and a problem solver – with the ability to explain complex things simply…. https://thekamugasachallenge.com

Michael Northcott @MikeN http://spearfishinnovation.com/ the collaborative development and deployment of innovative strategies aligned with organizational goals.

A very good site from Roxanne Persaud #FRSA Morning News @RoxanneP https://paper.li/commutiny/rsa-fellows#/

Patricia Hamzahee @PHamzahee Director of UserVoice and The Student View, Associate Director of The Finance Foundation, Chair of the Development Board of Black Cultural Archives and Chair of Friends of International House New York UK as well as a member of the BVCA’s Responsible Investment Advisory Committee and Women in Social Finance. http://integriticapital.com/

ARLEN K. PAULER @arlenpauler http://www.loveisgoodbusiness.org. Our mission is to help people navigate the challenges of practicing the Art of Love as a business resource.

John Quigley @johnquigley writes a short monthly blog on matters relating to mediation and dispute resolution: http://www.johnquigley.com/blog/

OR chat about it…