An Idea Reborn

This site came about in response to Matthew Taylor’s letter to fellows of the RSA (bold mine) :

In 2018 the RSA will be creating a new space dedicated to realising our mission – a 21st century Enlightenment coffeehouse.

The Enlightenment coffeehouse aims to foster the kind of thinking and collaborative action needed to address the challenges of the 21st century, and the overall concept pays tribute to the eighteenth century founders of the RSA and to the pioneering spirit that inspired them.

This is an ambitious project that will open up parts of RSA House to the outside world for the very first time, and our aim is to make a significant contribution to the RSA mission. We want the coffee house to become the engine room for our global network – the kind of place where great ideas are born and shared around the world, and where new communities are built to tackle the social challenges of our time.

Over the last 240 years Fellows have played a significant role in the development of the House. For this next chapter we are encouraging proposals from Fellows about how the coffeehouse could help to deliver the RSA’s mission: 21st century Enlightenment: enriching society through ideas and action. I would like to ask you to pay some consideration to this question and help us shape the coffeehouse by submitting a proposal to our ideas platform when it launches in the coming weeks. The Fellowship will be able to vote for the ideas they think the RSA should take forward.

We anticipate building work to commence in January with the coffeehouse launching in July 2018. Full details about the project, including detailed plans, information about who we are working with, and the project costs, can be found on our website here.

This is an exciting development in the story of the RSA, and I very much hope that the Fellows of the future will look back at the creation of the 21st century Enlightenment coffeehouse as a pivotal moment in the RSA’s history.

As ever, thank you for your continued support.

With warm wishes,

Matthew Taylor

(bold mine)

Our chat during the zoom meeting was as follows:

Chat transcript follows:
10:06:48 From David Wilcox : I suggest we form a Virtual Coffee House group to work with Rod – and research as Brendan suggests
10:07:30 From Philip Finlay Bryan : yes
10:07:52 From David Wilcox : if we are serious about a global digital collaboration space it would require the same degree of planning as the physical space
10:10:34 From David Wilcox : or do we call on MT and staff to create a team, if we don’t have the capacity
10:11:45 From Brendan Dunphy : Agreed re a VCH group and happy to participate
10:12:13 From David Wilcox : thanks Brendan – I think you have more experience here
10:12:24 From Brendan Dunphy : Your point about resources is key – £3.7m vs £0 – which will deliver the greates value and ROI?
10:13:29 From Brendan Dunphy : I think allocating 10% of the £3.7m to the VCH is not an unreasonable request in the 21st century, the era of digital?
10:13:34 From Judy Rees : its felt in Brentford too!
10:14:08 From David Wilcox : Agreed Brendan – push for resources first? Can’t be done by volunteers
10:15:38 From David Wilcox : how about using the hub blog to advocate VCH (or whatever we call it)
10:17:04 From Philip Finlay Bryan : i have registered there to be used BTW The calendar on the hub is great
10:17:23 From David Wilcox : partly advocate, partly do some small scale demo of Forum plus hub plus accelerator?
10:17:44 From Brendan Dunphy : I think we need to re-educate MT, Ollie and the CH team and make a bid for 10% of the budget!
10:18:35 From David Wilcox : I like the idea of re-education … help them understand the potential. And gather support from other Fellows
10:19:24 From David Wilcox : Thanks Philip – so do we have a VCH blog?
10:20:06 From Philip Finlay Bryan : it just redirects to the forum atm but sure can be a blo
10:20:18 From Philip Finlay Bryan : blog
10:22:37 From David Wilcox : Do we have agreement that we form a VCH group, and the group aims to advocate, educate and demonstrate the potential of a VCH? And have a VCH blog to do that?
10:22:56 From Philip Finlay Bryan : sounds good
10:24:21 From David Wilcox : so far I think we have Brendan, me and Philip, working with Rod. Anyone else?
10:24:34 From Judy Rees : me please
10:25:00 From David Wilcox : great
10:25:32 From Chris : i’m happy to be involved
10:26:23 From David Wilcox : thanks Chris … and I would say I’m not aiming to take the lead here. Something for the group to decide.
10:27:23 From Philip Finlay Bryan : i would like to go public with the hub open it to all on the forum
10:30:40 From David Wilcox : Checking – Do we have agreement that we form a VCH group, and the group aims to advocate, educate and demonstrate the potential of a VCH? And have a VCH blog to do that?
10:30:53 From Philip Finlay Bryan : yes
10:34:45 From David Wilcox : I’ll have to go soon …
10:35:41 From David Wilcox : any chance of a summary of where we are?

David added from the Forum which is worth a read : Virtual Coffee House – Vision – Version 4.pdf(76.4 KB)