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An engine room for a global community

(ref the RSA’s plans for a new coffeehouse)

“The coffeehouse will be a place where individuals become part of a greater movement for social change. It will be a natural home for anyone who wants to change the world, enabling people to connect, share knowledge, collaborate, and build new communities to tackle the social challenges of our time. Through the RSA’s existing digital platforms the coffeehouse will be plugged into our 28,000 strong Fellowship, making it the engine room for a global network committed to a 21st century Enlightenment.”


I guess the term I would query is ” existing digital platforms” and how will the 28,000 strong fellowship be “plugged in”;  better yet how will it be displayed? (see Ideas for Matt)

Sounds like the RSA needs a forum…. 🙂

Use the chat button bottom right, your chat will also be visible on the hub :


A Call To Action?

We could put here jobs that need doing by one / all

Go To ” Ideas For Matt” and add your thoughts, ideas etc


Well now, this blog may have multiple authors so I will canvas my peers and let them contribute or not. As for me:

Philip Finlay Bryan B.Sc.(hons) MA CQSW FRSA

Well I have been around the block a few times. Went around the world mostly overland, ended up being a ten year journey. I went back to school when I was thirty, doing a couple of “A” levels and then getting into uni studying Psychology at 32. I got a job with London Probation Service who went on to fund me for a Masters degree. I was a Probation Officer in London (Willesden) where I grew up, for 3 years. I am a counsellor and have worked with those addicted to substances.I moved to Ireland in 1994 and set up a computer business resulting in becoming an ISP (Internet Service Provider) . Due to ill health and loss of staff this folded in 2006. I resurrected my web in 2009 but then lost it all in 2011 when i contracted cancer. I was ill for a couple of years.In 2013 I started again but didn’t really get going until 2015.I’m back to full strength now.I have a lot of skills and also know where to find those that have more.


The paradox of creativity: Looking ahead it seems impossible. Looking back, it seems inevitable.

(from The Fellows Forum) The paradox of creativity: Looking ahead it seems impossible. Looking back, it seems inevitable. As a recent Fellow based outside the UK I was attracted to the RSA by its values and its vision to become a global fellowship. I have yet to unearth the strategy or timeline to implement this …

The 2007 Virtual Coffee House vision. Do we have the energy to create one for 2017?

As I explained here, the idea of an RSA Virtual Coffee House – to complement the new £3.7 million ‘real’ Coffee House planned at RSA HQ – was prompted by an original VCH idea and demonstration created by six RSA Fellows in the North East in 2007. The original VCH vision document was developed by …

Joining up hubs, clusters, networks and individuals for a networked Fellowship

There’s a lively discussion in the Fellows Forum (login required) about the 21st Century Coffee House, and the idea of a Virtual Coffee House. I posted there (some editing): Thanks Philip for setting up virtualcoffeehouse.org and referencing my post where I explain how the “virtual coffee house” metaphor emerged as one way of thinking about the …


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